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  • Why an explosion-proof fume cupboard?

    As a rule, only small quantities of hazardous substances, such as flammable liquids, are used in a laboratory. However, the amount of the substance alone is not always decisive for an explosive hazard - it depends on the rate of emission.

    How is an explosion created?

    A prerequisite for an explosion is the presence of 3 conditions:

    1. flammable substance
    2. oxygen
    3. source of ignition

    Flammable substances, such as combustible gases or dust, together with oxygen from the air, form an explosive atmosphere. The precondition for this is a certain ratio of combustible matter and oxygen.  

    All laboratory fume cupboards of the Wesemann company are designed as standard so that, due to constant exchange of air, the formation of a potentially explosive atmosphere is reliably avoided when working with standard laboratory quantities. However, when working with large quantities of solvents, or in the case that the entire laboratory area is declared a  potentially explosive area, the protection goals of the standard laboratory fume cupboard are no longer sufficient.

    Explosion-proof fume cupboards from Wesemann are designed in such a way that sources of combustion are effectively avoided, thus preventing the ignition of a potentially explosive atmosphere. Through a consistent conformity assessment process, we can ensure that our fume cupboards provide a high level of safety. All explosion-proof fume cupboards from the Wesemann company are certified in accordance with the Directive 2014/34/EU and fulfil the conditions to be set up within an EX-Zone 1.

    However, the offer in the field of explosion protection goes beyond the provision of suitable laboratory fume cupboards. We assist our customers during the planning phase and can provide support with the selection of suitable equipment and systems. Many components of the DELTA 30 series are supplied in explosion-proof design for Zone 1. All large-area components are electrically conductive or are dissipative and connected to ground.

    How can a safe installation be guaranteed?

    Logged measurements of the electrical surface resistance and the connection to on-site earthing points ensure safe on-site installation. The selection of electrical equipment is based on the zoning. We attach great importance to the perfect integration of the operating material into our system.

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