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Service infralab – The experts in service

Infralab, your service partner for laboratory, clean-room and science room furnishing is an independent company within the Wesemann Group, which provides services in the fields of occupational safety, maintenance, services and equipment/furnishing. 

The following fields are covered by the country-wide service: 

  1. Occupational safety - work safety concepts, advanced traning courses, prototype examination in accordance with DIN EN 14175.
  2. Maintenance - maintenance and safety inspections in compliance with the applicable regulations.
  3. Service - professional repairs of and modifications to laboratories, clean rooms and science room furnishing and equipment.
  4. Equipment - furniture and equipping elements for laboratories, such as the innovative modular accessory system DELTAup for the D30 system, clean room systems and science rooms.
  5. DELTAup - design your workplace flexibly with DELTAup and clear your worktops.
  6. Accessories - Sensible furniture accessories to optimize your workplace and facilitate laboratory work.

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